NOAA Hurricane Center HD App Reviews

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Bummer !

Get more weather info from Weather Bug and didn't have to pay! Total waste of $$

Not Worth $2.00

The interactive maps don't work and you can go to NOAA and get the same stuff for free but it does work.

It still doesn't work..

?Gave it one last try (Oct 10) still doesn'T work. Tap on hurricane and no response,no data,no track=ZERO...Dropping APP.Want a refund please..Used To be very good-no more....

Very Disappointing

Mainly a link to NHC website. Why pay for that?? Also, not able to make "interactive" map work.


This is just a shortcut to the NOAA site. Probably the site gives you more detailed information. Wont get not even free.

Terrible Tracking App

Maps are out of date and there are no models. The maps also are not sized correctly, they appear distorted. Very basic app, not with $2. Deleting app from my iPad.


I would like this app to show cyclones as well. This is my only want for this app. I rely on it and use it often. I really like like this app.


I live in the Caribbean so having the ability to check for hurricanes and any severe weather is very important.

Great App

I just moved to Florida. So far been a quiet summer. But I am sure this app will come in handy over the years ahead. Get it why you can. Highly recommend it for everyone.

Great app

Very useful when you live in Florida.


Good app but has issues with updated info. Link to NWS radio bad for Tampa Fl area. Hoping for fixes soon.

Great app very useful

Good job

Excellent tropical weather tool

Good consolidation of essential resources monitor and track tropical weather developments.

Easey peasey

This is a very up front app no need to sort through pages of unrelated stuff tap your cane and you know the story

Useful info

Good app if you live in hurricane prone areas. Lots of useful info along with maps and forecasting tracks. Well done.

This App BlowsM

All this app does is take free feeds and burps them out in a clunky does not make sense interface. Save your money and time, it's not worth $1.99 or worth free! It's a joke!


Decent hurricane app but not as good as the one I have on the iPhone. Will be searching for a better one for the iPad...and eating the 1.99 spent.


Very nice app. I would give it 5 stars if it provided the information that either builds a hurricane or rips it apart. Hurricanes steer around a high pressure areas and weather fronts, they build up on warmer waters and is ripped apart by the jet streams. Include this data and it will be a COMPLETE HURRICANE app. The info is out there just put it in. I have the water bout app that records temp and wave height. Also as hurricanes make landfall they create tornados can this be put in to track them. I want one app for everything.


I'm an Air Force meteorologist stationed in Florida and these kinds of apps are great for me, especially when I'm on the road and away from the station. I have to say I'm not extremely impressed with this one. First, the radar imagery (Lower MIssissippi Valley) is about as far south as it gets and therefore lacks coverage over applicable Hurricane territory, not to concerned with the Great Lakes. When you select the storm of interest, what you get is a series of weather underground products. The claim is you won't get forecast from the developer but that weather site is just that, so the claim is off the money. The app does provide access to the official NHC products but it's done mostly in a textual format where you have to select links…point is, display the NHC products and then put the extra underground products in the background. Overall, for what I do as a professional, I find this app somewhat useful and resultantly it gets 3 stars, it's really a 99cent app at best. I could make it over the course of a weekend, not really a high powered app. Reduce price and fix the radar and it goes to a 4, focus on the NHC and you've got yourself a 5. I will also have to continue shopping for some of the competitors to obtain much more advanced features such as current location reference, I know a couple others have that.

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